What is TRDR and how does it help you invest better?

What is TRDR and how does it help you invest better?

What is TRDR?

TRDR (pronounced as trader) is an automated robo-investing platform that builds your wealth without you having to invest your time in research, analysis & active trading.

TRDR is a platform that helps you invest in the stock market through picking the research driven TRDR Smart Portfolio. With your approval, TRDR executes stock purchases automatically when the price is right.

For the first time in India, retail investors can create a portfolio with profitable returns with zero button clicks, manual effort, screen time or emotion driven decision making.

Features of TRDR

  • Zero account opening or annual maintenance fee.
  • Zero brokerage on delivery-based trades AND intraday (first time in India).
  • Zero screen time or manual effort needed from the investor.
  • Best annual returns* compared to various investment options in the market.
  • No lock-in of funds. Can withdraw funds anytime.

    *investments are subject to market risk

Who is TRDR for?

To actively invest or trade one needs to spend a lot of time carrying out research.

Additionally, one needs to spend a lot of screen time and manual efforts. Mostly human emotions come into play knowingly or unknowingly while making decisions.

So if you are someone who wants all this taken care of, TRDR is meant for you.

Life is too short for trading terminals

Someone who does not have the time and effort to invest and trade regularly.
Someone who is not very keen on an active, hands-on approach to investing.
Someone who prefers a relatively passive way to make money or grow their wealth.
Someone who wants to invest in the stock market and does not know how to start and go about.
Someone looking for a robo-assistant who will do all this and more.

Thus, ensuring one can use their time for other things like spending it with family or friends, work they like to do, or other activities.

Why TRDR for investment?

As an investor you have various options to invest your savings like in Gold, Bank Fixed Deposits (FDs), Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Stocks, etc.

How does TRDR compare with other options available in the market?

End of the the day, it is purely a Risk vs Reward choice you make.

TRDR is a relatively riskier option but very clear benefits in terms of potential returns to the user as compared to some of the other options available in the market today.

How TRDR helps you to invest better?

Investing should be simple, easy and accessible to all. Being automated helps.
These are the list of things TRDR takes care of for you, so that you do not have to.

  • Our strategies works in a bear market just as well as it does in a bull market:
    - Analysis done for the last 15 years data of the Indian stock market.
    - Backend testing done with multiple strategies for the last 7-8 yrs.
  • Smart stock portfolio to choose from. It will be automatically built by TRDR.
  • Portfolio only from the BSE Top 100* stocks (ensuring liquidity to buy/sell) that will be diversified across sectors
  • All the best practices and strategies are set to help maximise profits while minimising losses.
  • Remove the potential fear of your own emotional decision making in the stock markets and let it be machine and data driven.
*BSE Top 100 stocks provides the right balance between buy/sell opportunity due to volatility and the cost of transaction and liquidity

How does TRDR work?

It is a 3 step process:

  1. Signup for a TRDR account (it comes with a new demat+trading account)
  2. Fund the account with money to invest
  3. Toggle to set Robo Mode ON (from the next day, robo takes care to automatically build a smart portfolio for the investor)

How to keep track of TRDR account performance?  

You will be getting daily updates via emails and SMS from BSE. We will be sending you a consolidated report once a month.

By logging into the TRDR dashboard, you can keep track of the following at all times:

  • Current Account Cash Balance
  • Current Portfolio Value (Profit/Loss)
  • Net Position Report
  • Portfolio of stocks

Please be informed that your funds available to invest are safe and secure. All the stocks bought are individually owned by you and is in your personal demat account* and thus do not have to worry as TRDR are not managing the stocks through a company demat account.

*A new demat and trading account is provided as part of the TRDR account by a SEBI registered broker who also has a CDSL membership.

Pricing of TRDR

First time in India, zero brokerage on intraday
  • Zero Account Opening Fee
  • Zero Annual Maintenance Fee
  • Zero Brokerage: for both Deliveries AND Intraday

TRDR has a robot-assistant fee charged* monthly based on the investment amount of the user:

TRDR Fees Slabs

*fees will be deducted from the investment amount every 6 months. Any poor performing month would mean you get a 100% cash back on the fees for that month.

If the investment amount is > ₹ 5,00,000, let us connect and have a quick chat and work on a model that reduces the monthly fees.

TRDR Systematic Equity Investment Plan (SEIP) is a zero fee and zero brokerage model to systematically invest a small amount monthly.

Please signup here for a free account: https://signup.trdr.in/

To learn more, please call or WhatsApp us @ +91 93410 60007 or drop an email to care@trdr.money