“Dalal Street Champion”, Virtual Stock Trading Competition by TRDR

“Dalal Street Champion”, Virtual Stock Trading Competition by TRDR
TRDR presents: Dalal Street Champion

What is 'Dalal Street Champion'?
Dalal Street Champion is a Virtual Stock Trading Competition for Students across India.

Organised by Vriddhi, The Fintech Club, School of Commerce and Management, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru in association with TRDR

This virtual stock trading competition will run from 15th September to 8th October.

Who can participate in 'Dalal Street Champion'?
Any student registered with a college in India is eligible to participate. All you need is to provide your Student ID and College Details while registering.

What all information does the student need to provide to register for 'Dalal Street Champion'?
Mobile Number
College Name
College City Name
Student ID
Referral Code (optional): If a friend has referred you for the competition, please provide their mobile number here

What is the fee to participate for 'Dalal Street Champion'?
Rs. 100 is the registration fees.

What is the time period when the competition 'Dalal Street Champion' runs?
Dalal Street Champion, the virtual stock trading competition will run from 15th September to 8th October, 2021.

How to register for 'Dalal Street Champion'?

Students who are interested can register on the TRDR website by paying the registration fee of Rs 100.
There are 3 ways to register for Dalal Street Champion: via the TRDR.club website, by using the payment link to register and pay, or by scanning the QR to complete the registration & payment process

Option 1: Visit: TRDR.club

STEP 1: Click on the Register and Pay button
STEP 2: Enter Name, Email and Phone Number

STEP 3: Enter College Name, College City Name, Student ID and Referral Code (mobile number of friend who referred)
STEP 4: Choose a preferred mode to make the payment of Rs. 100
STEP 5: Pick option between UPI or any other mode of payment

Option 2: Payment link
You could also register by clicking on this payment link and filling in your details.
Click the Payment link: https://www.instamojo.com/@trdr_club/l07b15e0ffaa244f69202888f2c3e4da2/

Option 3: Scan QR
You could also register by scanning this QR and filling in details.
Scan the QR to register and pay:

Scan QR to register for Dalal Street Champion

What are the Rules and Regulations of Dalal Street Champion?
* The duration of the competition will be from 15th September to 8th October, 2021
* Virtual Money of Rs. 5,00,000 will be at the disposal of students for creating a winning portfolio during the above mentioned period.
* Contestant to trade only in S&P BSE TOP 100 STOCKS
* A minimum of 5-8 buy and sell transactions should be recorded during the period.
* Contestant will login to trdr.club and start investing.
* Buying and selling the stocks is limited to the availability of the funds and the stocks purchased.
* Short selling (sell stocks without buying) is not permitted.
* Though daily transactions is not mandatory, the contestant can buy and sell depending upon his best judgement and device their own strategies accordingly.
* The winner will be decided based on the maximum portfolio value that one has created. The winners will be announced on the last day of the event, ie., the 8th of October, 2021.

What do you do if I have some queries / doubts and challenges while registering or playing?
You can contact us for any queries: admin@trdr.money or WhatsApp: +91 9342660007

How can I play Dalal Street Champion?
Before September 15th, all students who have registered will be notified by email with their login details.

We will be updating the page for you to login and start playing.
Visit: https://play.trdr.club/

Why should you participate?
Attractive cash prizes to be won.

First Prize: Rs. 25,000 + an internship offer at TRDR
Second Prize: Rs. 15,000 + an internship offer at TRDR
Third Prize: Rs. 10,000 + an internship offer at TRDR
Consolation Cash prize for the 4th to 10th place.

Internships with TRDR Inc. On successful internships, TRDR Inc would look at offering students a full-time role.

Participation certificate for all student participants.

About Dayananda Sagar University:
Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) is one of the best university in Bangalore, Karnataka. Offering various professional courses in Engineering, MBA, Law, Ph.D., Nursing, BTech  & other facilities at Kumaraswamy Layout and Kudlu Gate, Bangalore campus.

Website: https://www.dsu.edu.in/

About Vriddhi:
Vriddhi, The Fintech Club, School of Commerce and Management, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru.

It is mentored by Dr. Shylaja Madhav Gowda, Professor of Finance at DSU.

About TRDR:
TRDR is an automated robo-investing platform that builds your an investor's wealth without you having to invest your time in research, analysis & active trading.
TRDR provides a platform that helps one invest in the stock market through picking the research driven TRDR Smart Portfolio.

With investor approval, TRDR executes stock purchases automatically when the price is right.

For the first time in India, retail investors can create a portfolio with profitable returns with zero button clicks, manual effort, screen time or emotion driven decision making.

Investment is simple when it’s automated. #roboinvestingsahihai

Read more here: What is TRDR and how does it help you invest better?

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